Uninstalling a local resolver#

In order to uninstall a resolver and remove all Whalebone configuration files the following steps should be followed:


Before starting the process it should be noted that all the individual components that support the resolver functionality are being executed as docker containers. Steps 1 and 2 apply only in case the host server is dedicated and no other services are running as containers. In case od different situation, please contact us and we will provide an up to date list of the containers that should be removed.

1. Step – Stop and remove all the running docker containers:

docker rm -f lr-agent && docker rm -f $(docker ps -q)

2. Step – Uninstall Docker:

Please follow the instructions for the applicable operating system:

3. Step – Remove all resolver configuration files and related data:

rm -rf /etc/whalebone
rm -rf /var/whalebone
rm -rf /var/lib/kres

4. Step – Remove DNS traffic and incidents logs:

If you want to fully uninstall the resolver including the logs from DNS traffic and incidents, delete also the log folder. If your intention is just to re-install the resolver but keep the logs, you can skip this step.