Home Office Security Overview#

Whalebone Home Office Security (HOS) provides an off-network DNS filtering functionality for desktop and mobile devices. It intercepts DNS traffic and inspects it before sending network packets to the wild. It protects the device from network threat by scanning every DNS packet. At the moment, Windows, Android and iOS devices are supported. For detailed OS version support, see below.


HOS comes with Windows Installer for the deployment. No user interaction is required to perform the installation, however the installer requires a token.

The default target directory is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Whalebone\Home Office Security\

For Android the default install location is:


Supported OS#

Windows Desktop

Windows 7 or higher

Windows Server

Windows Server 2012 or higher


Android 5 or higher


All versions


Not supported


Not supported

Windows 7 systems must be up-to-date or at least have KB3033929 installed.

Windows Server 2016 systems must have secure boot disabled.